We, at Psychestudy, have put in a great deal of effort to prepare well-researched contents on various topics of psychology. We hope to be your ultimate learning destination. Currently, we are focused on four primary areas in psychology.

  • General Psychology
  • Behavioral Psychology
  • Cognitive Psychology
  • Social Psychology

Blogs is another criterion we are hoping to expand on. Feel free to suggest us psychological blog topics that you’re interested in. Help us grow.


Psychestudy is a learning platform, above anything else. And, our main focus is our readers. Rather than confusing our readers with book long contents, which are easily available on books, we have focused on contents that are readable, easily understandable and to the point. We are constantly working on building a friendlier, easier to navigate user interface.


While psychology is one of the most studied faculties around the globe, the quality of contents on the web isn’t always up to the mark. After days of research, we discovered that the state of management of different subject matters of psychology was even dire. It all emerged from an idea to reach out to every psychology enthusiast around the globe from readers’ perspectives.


And the result? We put together a team of enthusiasts willing to study and dedicate their time and effort to provide the best platform for every learner around the globe. Psychestudy is ever-growing and ever expanding.